Terms and conditions to the use of a gift-certificate from Collection Arkane

This gift-certificate in the original value of VALUE (value in text) is issued to HOLDER (‘’holder’’) to be used for paying mineral specimens and/or related products, including shipping fees of such products, purchased from Collection Arkane only and made available by Collection Arkane:

  • on their website (collectionarkane.com),
  • at their weekly auctions held on e-rocks.com website,
  • wherever Collection Arkane participate to a trade show, or
  • physically by visiting Collection Arkane business office in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec Province, Canada.

The use of this gift-certificate is regulated by the following terms and conditions:

  • There is no expiration date on the certificate.
  • Whenever a transaction is initiated by the holder, he may specify the amount of the gift-certificate to be used for such transaction.
  • After any transaction, the balance of the certificate will be confirmed by email from Collection Arkane to the holder, and vice-versa thereafter.
  • There are no administration fees for the use of the gift-certificate.
  • The total value or balance of it may be reimbursed to the holder at any time upon request by the holder. In such case, administration fees of 10% of the original total value will be deducted to cover expenses related to the issuance and reimbursement of the gift-certificate.