Type Locality minerals

Type Locality minerals

Type Locality minerals

A small selection of type locality mineral specimens amongst over 200 species from worldwide localities will be presented in this section.  New specimens will regularly be added, especially from Canadian localities.

A type locality of a mineral is the locality from where specimens of a new mineral species have been found, the new species identified as such, and its physical, crystallographic, chemical and optical properties studied.  These properties include composition and crystal structure (system) which are the two properties that define a mineral species.

One aspect of mineral collecting at the professional (mineralogists) and amateur (collectors) levels is always the possibility of finding a new mineral species if someone has keen observation and/or prospecting skills, and much time to spend on doing so with mineral specimens.  Prospecting can be done in the field at accessible localities, at mineral trade shows by purchasing specimens with yet to be identified unknown minerals, and even by reviewing one’s own collection.  Mineral specialists all around the World tend to do so with specimens in museum collections.

In the late 1970’s, there were less than 2,500 known mineral species.  Today, with the development of new technologies including computers and the increasing interest of mineral collecting worldwide, the diversity of new species exploded and has now been increased to more than 5,100 classified minerals from an ever increasing number of localities, old or new.

Collectors who wish to investigate further type locality minerals and find excellent photographs of most of the known species are invited to consult the mindat.org website.  Mindat.org has a page for each of the known mineral species and, if known, the type locality of each mineral is given in such page.


Text published: September 2016.

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